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Foot & Ankle Products

Versatile Cannulated
Implant System

The radiotranslucent properties of the Creed Headless and Headed Screws provide a significant clinical advantage over traditional metal implants by drastically improving the visualization of bones and joint spaces. Surgeons can better assess post-operative healing by “seeing through” the implant and down to the bony structures on radiographs.

Ankle Fracture Plating System

The plates are not only visually green, but also environmentally green. Produced using a zero waste process, these plates are made through a proprietary additive manufacturing (3D printing) and injection molding process.

Hammertoe Fixation System

Cannulated hammertoe system is comprised of Ø2.5mm implants and single-use disposable instruments, designed specifically for the correction of smaller toe deformities.

Circular Fixator

The FusionFrame Ring Lock System is the updated Ilizarov Method circular external fixation apparatus, specifically engineered to address the extensive requirements of foot and ankle specialists.