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GLW Announces Full Market Release of the Apollo Ankle Fracture Plating System

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Englewood Cliffs, NJ., — GLW Foot & Ankle (Carbon22), a GLW Medical Innovation company (“GLW” or “Company”) with a focus on the foot and ankle orthopedic market is excited to announce the full market release of its Apollo Ankle Fracture (AFX) Plating System. The Company has commercialized its patented, first of its kind, additive manufactured titanium shell polyetheretherketone filled (TI-PEEK) plates with innovative single-use instruments (SUI) and a complete complement of reduction and joint preparation instruments.

The Apollo AFX Plating System offers an evidence-based design of see-through, “ortholucent” bone plates and screws. The System includes a comprehensive portfolio of one-third tubular, distal lateral fibula, posterior tibial, medial malleolar, hook, and syndesmosis plates. GLW’s patented PEEKLOC™ variable-angle locking screw technology enhances plate fit and screw placement. With low-profile plate constructs, the System brings major benefits over conventional locking by offering flush screw head, no cold welding and minimized screw backing out.

Vadim Gurevich, President and CEO of GLW, shared “we are elevating the plating market through our 3-D printed TI-PEEK hybrid plating platform. These ortholucent plates represent a game changing technology in the market by delivering a clinically differentiated and cost-effective solution to the orthopedic landscape.”

The System’s unique TI-PEEK plates have key advantages over conventional plates including the following:

  • Ortholucency – the radio-translucent properties of these ankle fracture plates greatly improve visualization of bony structures when using medical imaging. This enables easier assessments of implant placement and the progress of the healing process with the potential for shorter time to weight-bearing.
  • Anatomical Profile – with additive manufacturing, the plates mimics anatomy, which supports superior contouring to accommodate complex anatomy and helps reduce contouring in the Operating Room (OR) during surgery.
  • Stress Shielding Protection – allows for more weight bearing by the bones, which potentially leads to reduced short and long-term bone loss, faster healing, non-union prevention and less refractures upon plate removal.

The Apollo AFX Plating System is case-ready, sterile, and available on-demand. Along with a superior plating system, GLW has also introduced intuitive and streamlined sterile SUIs and a quick caddy sterile screw system that saves money and shortens OR time.

Company products are available in the United States via our strategic sales partner Innov8ortho, LLC. Innov8ortho is the US sales distributor of our technology across the country and is a sustainable, competitive, and customer-centric sales organization. For product inquiries or purchasing questions contact: E-mail: [email protected] or Telephone: (917)765-7847.

About GLW Medical Innovation
GLW is a medical technology company that uses its proprietary ortholucent technology platform to develop, additive manufacture, and sell orthopedic extremity and trauma implants and instruments. GLW owns issued patents and pending patent applications that cover hybrid materials and cost-effective manufacturing.